Art Demos

The Predator

Watch me paint in The Predator with just ink and a brush!

Grinding your own ink on an ink stone—and just going for it with a single brush—is a rewarding experience. Sure, sometimes it doesn't work out. The more you try, the more successes you'll have...

Travel Art

Southern Min Restaurant, Xiamen, China.2018, 10×8 in., micron on paper.
Sanshang Guowang Temple, Tainan, Taiwan. 2018, 9×7 in., micron on paper.
Chengong Market, Taipei, Taiwan.2018, 9×7 in., micron on paper.


Album Cover, Peacewalker, North Carolina, USA.2020, 10×10 in., digital.
Sir Noble, Hip Hop Artist, Chicago, USA.2019, 8×10 in., micron on paper.


Better to Sleep Alone.Fugitive Poems Press. 2020.
Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy Fan Art
Art Livestream

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Expressive Ink Portraits

I experiment with tools and techniques in my personal and commissioned portrait work to explore how the qualities of ink can capture emotion. Subscribe to my youtube channel to watch the process unfold during live studio sessions. Check out my commissions page for pricing.

Commission: Lauren. 2019, 8×10 in., stone ground ink on paper.
Portrait Study.2019, 8×10 in., mixed media on paper.
Portrait Study. 2019, 8×10 in., DIY aluminum ink pen on paper.
Portrait Study.2019, 8×10 in., mixed media on paper.
Double Take Series

This work in progress series attempts to capture a moment in time with the simple convention of two superimposed and offset images. My ambitious goal is to create 100 works for this collection, then publish it in book form. Sign up for my email list to get updates on my book projects like this one.

Double Take: Dizzy Gillespie.2019, 8×8 in., micron on paper.
Double Take: Pasquale Grasso.2019, 8×8 in., micron on paper.