I use black ink and one brush to create paintings in a single sitting. My love of stone-ground ink came from necessity. You can easily travel with an ink stick and stone. It's compact, and there's no risk of a leaky bottle exploding in your bag. While I could travel with several brushes, I enjoy the simplicity of using just one. 

Painting in ink is as rewarding as it is unforgiving. 

Black ink creates a sense of permanence. In contrast, visible brush strokes are evidence of the ephemeral activity of painting. This contradiction makes ink paintings feel timeless. In black ink, an image is at its most fundamental, humble, and dramatic.

Moments of improvised performance, the enigmatic in nature, and people in everyday circumstances inspire my work. I strive for complex emotions and situations without resorting to fantastical imagery. My art is about uncovering the ephemeral and exotic in the familiar.