WARY Album Cover

WARY Album Cover

Working with Zach from the band WARY, was effortless. We traded ideas for the bands EP cover over email until we finally just decided to go simple and show a "fog of dogs."

I looked at visual elements from the movie "The Fog" as reference and placed the dogs in an eery forest setting.

I passed the drawing to Zach and he took a crack at making a version for a t-shirt that removed the background. The more I looked at his version--the more I actually liked it with no-background. So I cleaned up a version that had a simple outline. Then I tried a version with and without the background "shadow dog." Without the background dog the band logo looks much better.


The audio track in the video above is "UNRELENTING" by WARY.

Cover Art Materials

  • Hot Press Mixed Media paper (100gsm)
  • Deleter Black #4 ink
  • Kuretake Comic Pen Nibs (Spoon Model)
  • Toothbrush for ink splatter