matt j queen

designer, traveler, artist, coffee drinker

Good design is 5 things:

Modular: elements can be re-used to build consistency.
Flexible: modules can house many different types of content.
Scalable: modules work with 0, 1, or 50 items.
Fluid: task states and views flow in an obvious manner -- pushing the user toward completion.
Simple: the UI is unencumbered by flourish, uselessness, and otherwise junk.




Companies I have completed marketing and product design for

BMW Canada Microsoft XBOX
Swedish Foundation Frans Chocolates ISIS Wallet

I've published 7 articles, but these are the good ones

  1. Icon Analysis: Evaluating low spatial frequency compositions. Boxes and Arrows
  2. Interaction Modeling. Boxes and Arrows

Some of the more interesting technologies I've worked with

  • Embedded systems navigation and material classification
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) tap to pay transactions
  • mapping and satellite imaging systems

Mundane systems I've worked with

  • online commerce (requirements to launch)
  • device based rendering and device DBs
  • social APIs (various and sundry)
  • live streaming video

I live in Seattle WA. and work at