Matt J
Queensr. product designer

designer, traveler, artist, coffee drinker

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I'm in product design. I dream up radical ideas, fit them into the business, gather requirements, design product features, draw up specs, then work with the dev team to make it, test it, and ship it.

For Me, Good Design is 5 things. Modular: elements can be re-used to build consistency. Flexible: modules can house many different types of content. Scalable: modules work with 0, 1, or 50 items. Fluid: task states and views flow in an obvious manner -- pushing the user toward completion. Simple: the UI employs the least number of steps and flourishes possible.

I've worked for BMW Canada, Microsoft, XBOX, Swedish Foundation, Frans Chocolates, Softcard, Precor, Gatorade, and a handful of other small businesses.


1.) Embedded systems navigation and hazardous material classification
2.) Near Field Communication (NFC) tap to pay transactions
3.) mapping and satellite imaging systems

I've also cut my teeth on ...

1.) online commerce (requirements to launch)
2.) device based rendering and device DBs
3.) social APIs (various and sundry)
4.) live streaming video

I know HTML/CSS/JS, php, RESTful architectures, node, nginx, and probably any hipster package/template/plugin/lib you can name drop.

From time to time i write.

Icon Analysis: Evaluating low spatial frequency compositions.
Interaction Modeling.

I live in Seattle, and totally love it here. But i stayed in Berlin for a little while, and miss it deeply.